6505 combo to head mod

August 16, 2013 | Posted By: | News |

I bought a 6505+ combo a while ago. It’s been a cool little amp, but it’s never really given me the roar of a 4×12 cabinet that I crave.

Sure, you can always run it out to an extension cabinet. But why do something the easy way when you can have fun cutting wood and painting things? Am I right?

Step 1
I began by removing all the screws and pulling the head section out of the cab. Keep them organized! An if you’ve got pets keep then out of the room. Cats love to knock your neatly organized screws all over the place.


Also be careful when pulling the chassis out. There are two little wires that connect to the grill for the lights in the peavey logo that need to be unhooked before it slides out.

Step 2

I opted for an mdf base as opposed to hardwood. The rest of the cabinet is constructed from mdf already, and it’s much easier to cut than other types of wood since it’s essentially sawdust and glue. I made a quick trip to lowes for the mdf board, some flat black spray paint and a handsaw.



Step 3
Cut along the sides of the cabinet, using the base as your guide. Take your time so as not to end up with crooked lines


Step 5
Place your freshly separated amp head on top of your mdf board and mark your cuts. Measure twice and cut once!

Drill some pilot holes and dry fit the bottom to the rest of the cabinet. It’s starting to look like an actual head!

Step 6
Next, sand the corners to fit the factory edge. Some people use a router, but mdf sands very easily.
When you’re done, remove the base and take it outside for painting.


After your paint dries, you can reassemble the head. And you’re done. Easy as that!


Here’s my custom 6505+ at home in its new amp rack!


You might be asking yourself: “great, now what do I do with the cab?”
It would be an awful waste to forget about that 1×12 Scheffield. So what you can do is paint the top flat black, and move the feet from the bottom to the top. Next, solder a new female 1/4″ jack to the speaker and drill a hole in the back to accommodate it. You kow have a sweet little 1×12 for your low-wattage amps! I’m currently using mine as an open back.
Have fun, and let me know how your mods go!